Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What forms of payment do you accept?

A) We currently accept major Credit card (Visa, Master,) and Bitcoin, Litecoin etc.

Q) Where are you located?

A) We are Head Quartered in middle city of China (Wuhan,Hubei)

Q) Are you a Manufacturer for peptides products?

A) We are peptide & research chemical supply company and We through e-commerce online sales.

Q) Can you please tell me how to use your products?

A) NO sorry, First and foremost all of our products are sold for research purposes only and once again we are a manufacturer and supplier company and research questions are beyond our scope of knowledge.

Q) How long does it take to process your orders?

A) Most orders are processed with in 48 hours sometimes less. Unfortunately there is no guarantee do to undisclosed circumstances.

Q) Who do you use to deliver your orders?


Q) Why does THOESE Postal Service shows the order in their system with no information?

A) Give it a day or two for their system to update it will show.

Q) I haven’t got any email responses from you about my order.

A) Check your spam folder. Our system automatically generates a response stating we received your order.

Q)  Why does your sale price is such low in the market?

A)  We are manufacturer and supplier for peptides and research chemicals ,We avoided the distributors and retailers, direct sales on the Internet

Q) Do you accept huge quantity orders with more discounts price?

A) Yes,Please contact us by email and we can work out the details by email.

Q) What’s the time that should be spent by international Delivery?

A) International Delivery

Estimated Delivery Time:
Canada and United States: 4-5 Business Days
EU Countries: 4-5 Business Days
Middle East: 5-6 Business Days
Africa: 5-6 Business Days
Asia: 3-5 Business Days
All the estimated times are based on previous shipping experience.