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CAS: 863288-34-0
Formula: C165H269N47O46
Molecular weight: 3647.28
Peptide purity: > 98.0%
Appearance: White powder
Related substance: Total Impurities(%) ≤ 2.0%
Acetate content: ≤ 15.0%
Bacterial Endotoxins: ≤5 IU/mg

CJC 1295 with dac (synonym CJC1295/DAC, changed kind (GRF 1-29) with drug affinity complex) belongs to category of tetrasubtituted amide endocrines and contains thirty amino acids; conjointly it is represented as analog of GH emotional hormone. Its formula is C165H269N47O46 and its molecular mass is 3647.28.

CJC 1295 with DAC-complex was the primary time developed and made by Canadian scientists with initial purpose to search out thanks to increase effective half-life amount of unleash hormone. The terribly initial clinical studies relating to this analysis compound happened within the year of 2000. In 2006 a study regarding effectiveness and effectiveness in addition as safety profile of CJC 1295/DAC was done, it includes 2 double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trials.

Due to having DAC-complex this analysis compound possesses bigger binding affinity towards GHRH receptors, that successively protects that endocrine from degradation. CJC1295 w/t dac-complex conjointly stimulates production of endocrine of growth and IGF-1 while not increasing of gonadotrophic hormone, which results in effective fat loss. a similar time it’s ability to push synthesis of proteins and so increasing growth of muscle tissues.




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