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Insulin-like growth factor I(CAS No. 67763-96-6)  (IGF-1), also called somatomedin C, is a protein that in humans is encoded by the IGF1 gene. IGF-1 has also been referred to as a “sulfation factor” and its effects were termed “nonsuppressible insulin-like activity” (NSILA) in the 1970s.
IGF-1 is a hormone similar in molecular structure to insulin. It plays an important role in childhood growth and continues to have anabolic effects in adults. A synthetic analog of IGF-1, mecasermin is used for the treatment of growth failure.
IGF-1 consists of 70 amino acids in a single chain with three intramolecular disulfide bridges. IGF-1 has a molecular weight of 7,649 daltons.

Insulin-like growth factor I, also known as mechano growth factor, somatomedin-C, IGF-I and IGF1, is a secreted protein which belongs to the insulin family. The insulin family, comprised of insulin, relaxin, insulin-like growth factors I and II ( IGF-I and IGF-II ) and possibly the beta-subunit of 7S nerve growth factor, represents a group of structurally related polypeptides whose biological functions have diverged. The IGFs, or somatomedins, constitute a class of polypeptides that have a key role in pre-adolescent mammalian growth. IGF-I expression is regulated by growth hormone and mediates postnatal growth, while IGF-II appears to be induced by placental lactogen during prenatal development.
IGF1 / IGF-I may be a physiological regulator of [1-14C]-2-deoxy-D-glucose (2DG) transport and glycogen synthesis in osteoblasts. IGF1 / IGF-I stimulates glucose transport in rat bone-derived osteoblastic (PyMS) cells and is effective at much lower concentrations than insulin, not only regarding glycogen and DNA synthesis but also with regard to enhancing glucose uptake. Defects in IGF1 / IGF-I are the cause of insulin-like growth factor I deficiency (IGF1 deficiency) which is an autosomal recessive disorder characterized by growth retardation, sensorineural deafness and mental retardation.


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IGF-1 LR3, Long R3 IGF-1, IGF-1- Insulin-like protein – is associate experimental drug that represents future generation in performance enhancing in physical exertion athletes. This amide endocrine additionally has the promise of changing into the final word fountain of youth.
As the world has finally caught on to the very fact that foremost athletes from all sports are exploitation steroids and alternative performance enhancing medication (PEDs), the athletes themselves have captive on to future generation of gear.
Long R3 IGF-1 is especially secreted by the liver as a results of stimulation by Human human growth hormone (HGH). virtually each cell within the build is stricken by IGF-I, particularly cells in muscle, cartilage, bone, liver, kidney, nerves, skin, and lungs. additionally to the insulin-like effects, IGF-I also can regulate cell growth and development, particularly in nerve cells, still as cellular polymer synthesis.
IGF-1 LR3 Benefits:
Stimulates muscle growth and has been shown to profit the guts (a muscle).
Encourages the absorption of Chondroitin salt and Glucosamine salt (also found in Velvet Antler).
Regenerates animal tissue
Helps burn fat, increase macromolecule transport into cells, and cut back macromolecule breakdown
Improves the assembly of white blood cells
Decreases cholesterol
IGF-1 LR3 could be a endocrine similar to HGH, however IGF-1 is that the most vital protein that the body produces. IGF-1 is way additional powerful than HGH.
Currently the license to conduct human trials exploitation IGF-1 is command by biopharmaceutical company Tercica and is restricted to the study of youngsters affected by growth failure attributable to IGF-1 deficiency.
Even though the human study of IGF-1 LR3 is very slim and restricted to children, the very fact that this substance has been studied on rats and humans and is within the hands of individuals in labs implies that the spirit is out of the bottle.
IGF-1 has been utilized in research lab studies since a minimum of the late 1990s; such a big amount of individuals have had access to the present drug for quite long-standing. And there ar individuals with loads of cash World Health Organization would like to get their hands on these items.
IGF-1 LR3 has created some superb ends up in research lab rats. currently before you get everywhere ME for talking regarding success with research lab rats, you have got to appreciate that this success with research lab rats did result in the human trials. and therefore the results of the tests with research lab rats are astounding.
The benefits from IGF-1 ar therefore astounding – and supply such promise to humans – that back in 2002, H. Lee Sweeney, Ph.D., faculty member and Chairman of Physiology at the University of Pennsylvania and a recognized knowledgeable on the topic of the genetic sweetening of striated muscle, spoke to the globe Anti-Doping Association with reference to the muscle building and create properties of IGF-1.
In 2002, speaking before The President’s Counsel On ethics, Dr. Sweeney was of the opinion that the appearance of genetically built athletes wasn’t impending which studies required to be worn out order to work out the security and semipermanent effects of IGF-1.
To assume that exploitation IGF-1 LR3 to create an improved contestant is off within the future, which this endocrine won’t be used till human safety studies are often done, is to ignore the history of however these medication are utilized by athletes. Dr. Sweeney’s position is one amongst fancy. and that i mean no offense to the doctor in any method.
Going back to the HGH scenario, bodybuilders were exploitation this endocrine within the mid-’80s well before individuals whole understood however and what this drug extremely might do. to the present day there ar several unknowns that ar related to the utilization of HGH, as well as the controversy on its safety, nevertheless the utilization of this endocrine is widespread in physical exertion, in real sports, and within the general population.
Here ar a number of the explanations why IGF-1 can revolutionize the globe of performance enhancing substances, and why athletes can risk – ar risking – their health to use it.
IGF-1 has been shown to extend the speed and extent of muscle repair when injury and increase the speed of muscle growth from coaching. And not solely ar existing muscle fibers repaired faster, IGF-1 is answerable for dysplasia, that is a rise within the quantity of muscle fibers.
Hyperplasia is that the grail of performance enhancing advantages, and happens once muscle fibers truly split, so making additional muscle fibers. Hypertrophy is just a rise within the size of the present muscle cells, and happens from weight coaching and from steroid use. dysplasia and hypertrophy equals a brand new breed of fantastic contestant.
But wait, there’s more:
Rats that got IGF-1 and did nothing were larger and stronger than rats that weren’t given IGF-1 however exercised. And I’ll bet you guessed that rats that got IGF-1 and exercised were the largest, strongest rats within the house. The positive effects of IGF-1 on the rats continuing for months when the rats stopped obtaining the supplemental endocrine, whereas the physical exertion rats at once lost size and strength as shortly as they stopped physical exertion.
In another study the muscle fibers of 27-month recent rats – adulthood for rats – that got IGF-1 throughout time of life, exhibited no deterioration of muscle fibers that indicate the classic and inevitable signs of aging. These rats didn’t lose any quick twitch muscle fibers – the fibers answerable for power and speed – and had a similar speed and power output that they’d once they were six months aged.
To quote Dr. Sweeney, “So we have a tendency to were able to conclude that IGF-1 might forestall all of the hallmarks of age-related atrophy and loss of striated muscle operate in class aging, a minimum of supported the eutherian mammal model, and currently we’re hoping to pursue this in larger animal models.”
Dr. Sweeney additionally says that IGF-1 can be used as a second muscle builder for members of the overall population.
And here’s the ultimate and most compelling reason why IGF-1 is being employed at once, and why the demand for this endocrine can increase exponentially as time goes by: IGF-1 is undetectable by each blood and water testing. as a result of IGF-1 are often injected directly into the muscle, it ne’er enters the blood stream. Therefore, a muscle diagnostic assay is that the solely thanks to confirm if someone has used IGF-1. and therefore the anti-doping forces can ne’er, ever be allowed to require muscle biopsies from athletes.
In a Jan eighteenth, 2004 ny Times Magazine cowl story by archangel Sokolove, Dr. Sweeney says (page 30) that when presenting his IGF-1 data at associate yankee Society for Cell Biology conference he was contacted by a highschool handler from Pennsylvania World Health Organization wished Dr. Sweeney to treat his entire team. does one assume by currently foremost athletes – with foremost cash – have an interest in IGF-1?
Included during this article (page 28) were further details with reference to the results of studies, within which rodents given IGF-1 before birth and at four weeks aged fully fledged a thirty fifth increase in strength in targeted muscles, didn’t lose any size and strength as they aged and didn’t lose any of those gains once they stopped coaching.
Later on within the article Dr. Sweeney admits that athletes might already be exploitation IGF-1. Elisabeth Barton, associate professor World Health Organization was committed Dr. Sweeney’s studies, says that making an individual’s contestant on the lines of those super mice “is straightforward.”
She goes on to elucidate, “It’s a routine methodology that’s revealed. Anyone World Health Organization will clone a factor and work with cells might couple. It’s not a mystery.”
Dr. Sweeney extra that there’s no limit to what are often finished IGF-1 and factor medical care with regards to putting together an improved contestant. to create a runner quicker Sweeney aforesaid, “I’d place the total leg on bypass. i might place (IGF-1) in through the blood. it’d be additional economical than injections (directly into the muscle), that you’d would like lots of as a result of you’re addressing massive muscles. however this is often nothing a tube doctor couldn’t do.”
So to recap, IGF-1 provides virtually permanent muscle-creating, muscle-repairing, and anti-aging advantages and is completely undetectable. does one assume athletes ar chewing at the bit to urge their hands on this stuff?
The legitimate scientific world is following the correct protocols with regards to IGF-1, however the underground world isn’t sure by a similar rules. Legitimate science – justly therefore – is obscurity close to able to permit “us” to start out exploitation these items. however this isn’t the purpose.
The point is that there’s a substance out there that scientists ar cautiously touting as a second muscle builder and a fountain of youth, and for a few individuals this is often all that they have to listen to. These individuals aren’t aiming to wait – haven’t waited – for legit science to bless the utilization of IGF-1 LR3 for human consumption before they’re going out and inject themselves with it. Adverse facet affects? Please.
In 2004 the leading consultants on the topic admitted that this factor medical care might already be in use, which the technology and information is specified the method to deliver it isn’t difficult. 2 and a [*fr1] years later this circle of information, and use, is that a lot of larger.
Knowing however HGH was taken by people that were too impatient to attend for legit science to try and do it’s issue, bodybuilders and real athletes did what they’d to try and do to urge it and use it, danger be damned. There’s no reason to assume that a similar scenario isn’t occurring at once.
Bodybuilding websites, bulletin boards, and chat rooms ar inundated with discussions regarding IGF-1, what it will do, a way to use it, and what medication to stack with it. There’s speak that underground labs ar synthesizing IGF-1, HGH, and a bunch of alternative substances.
According to Chemical Muscle sweetening, a well known underground PED handbook written by net steroid guru L. Rea and accessible via transfer or through Amazon, IGF-1 has even been altered to extend its effectiveness, creating IGF-1 10 times harder (pages 134-136 of Chemical Muscle Enhancement). many websites build regard to this altered kind of IGF-1 – referred to as DES (1-3) IGF-1. This version of IGF-1, Insulin-like protein is additionally refereed to as Lr3IGF-1 (Note: Lr3IGF-1 is 2-3x harder than regular IGF-1).
IGF-1 is being synthesized and altered in underground labs and is being oversubscribed on the black market. Bodybuilders ar exploitation IGF-1 and it’s illogical and naive to assume that some athletes at the best level of sport aren’t exploitation IGF-1 at once. you’ve in all probability ne’er even detected of ar exploitation it even as there ar well-known athletes who have already benefited from the utilization of IGF-1.
People did crazy things to urge their hands on HGH twenty years past, did crazy things to urge their hands on regardless of the next-generation drug was thirty years past, and it’s no totally different nowadays.
While in some sense the general public has finally caught on to “steroids,” the hi-tech, rarefied athletes have captive on, lightweight years previous what the general public will create mentally and comprehend. “Steroids” is that the Model-T Ford; IGF-1 is that the USS Enterprise or the Millennium Falcon.
With every advance within the field of PEDs the underground has been answerable for the unfold of information and provide of those medication. Advances in technology and today’s free flow of data have created it attainable for underground labs to synthesize, alter, and deliver into the body medication of every type.
With money, fame, and even a form of immortality concerned, there’s no telling what some individuals can do. The mentality of the PED user is that IGF-1 will deliver all 3 of those.
The use of PEDs up till this time has just about been a black and white issue, however with this next generation of gear currently accessible the controversy can get far more difficult. PEDs aren’t aiming to be eradicated, their use can become additional widespread because the advantages that they supply become additional and additional engaging to potential users.
Tips for maximising your Insulin-like protein, IGF-1 LR3:
If you’re not exploitation ZMA presently, you must begin it up before beginning the IGF-1. Zn plays a awfully crucial role in catalyst activation of IGF-1. It additionally will increase plasm levels of total and free IGF-1. A deficiency truly hinders IGF-1 formation.
Since IGF-1 LR3 is such a brand new amide, there aren’t any future studies regarding  the IGF-1 facet effects.



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